Efficient E-Commerce Website for Unlocking Possibilities

Efficient E-Commerce Website for Unlocking Possibilities

Efficient E-Commerce Website for Unlocking Possibilities | Opstel-IT

We provide The Best Website Solutions for Business in Bangladesh

Nowadays E-Commerce is more practiced than before as people across the world are being more online-driven day by day. An e-commerce website should be designed with a perfect color scheme, text fonts which is easy to read, quality images, and eye-catching graphics that will keep customers’ attention and eventually make them purchase. While developing an e-commerce web, the most important phenomenon to look after is to make it as user-friendly as possible.

E-Commerce Website:

Opstel-IT has an aesthetical reputation in the web world on account of proving the world with quality website design and development services. Our web designers have been inquiring into bringing out the perfect interface of the sites they take responsibility for years to design at the next level. We are exclusively eager to dig into the web, analyze all the setups, initiate to include necessary features, execute the configurations required to be developed, and ultimately bring the perfect interface out of the website.

In an e-commerce design and development project, our expert developers focus on enrolling certain exceptional features like an easy-to-use checkout, search engine optimized code and layout, promotion and discount code tools, reporting tools and custom report features, email marketing features or integration, multiple payment methods, the ability to scale and add new features, etc which is why we haughtily claim that we are incomparable in this field.

Building a professional Shopify e-commerce website with a certain number of pages, uploading products along with a description (title, tags, bullet points) and various contents such as landing page, dashboard, homepage, services, about the brand/business, privacy policy, terms and conditions, blogs section, and contact section is a monumental part of our services.

Features we include in E-Commerce Websites:

·         Fully responsive and professional e-commerce web design

·         Hosting/domain configuration

·         WordPress installation

·         Woocommerce configuration

·         Premium enchanting theme and plugin installation

·         Adding products along with a description and categories

·         Social Media integration

·         Google Map integration

·         SSL configuration for strong security

·         User-friendly and mobile-friendly

·         E-commerce functionality

·         Multiple currencies and different payment methods

·         Payment Gateway integration

·         An easy setup for taking products on the cart and a smooth process for shopping

·         A manual slider setting

·         Login or registration page for lead generation

·         Setting up Contact Us and About Us pages

·         Attaching blog section


Opstel-IT promises to provide standard service and unlock the most possible aspects of the projects we sign up for. We consciously exaggerate useful features to develop websites and accomplish business purposes by implementing the features to turn visitors into prospects. We put our whole benefit aside and prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over everything.